The 2015 UK General Election is fast approaching, and our team has a timeline of key events and milestones ahead of the vote in early May. We also have the latest poll numbers for you (data is for the week of 11th-17th March).

Polling data: 11/03 to 17/03

  • Labour = 34%
  • Tory = 32-33%
  • UKIP = 15%
  • Lib Dems = 8%
  • Greens = 6%

Labour maintains their slight lead over the Conservatives, whilst UKIP remains on course to become Britain’s new third political party. The Liberal Democrats are stuck on just 8%, and the Greens are even lower at just 6%. These numbers are largely unchanged from last week.

UK Election Timeline:

Date Event
25 March Last PMQs (Prime Minister’s Questions) for this term
30 March Formal dissolution of ParliamentWrits issued to all 650 constituencies
2 April ITV Leaders’ Debate(featuring leaders of all main parties)
9 April Deadline for nominations of candidacy
16 April BBC Leaders’ Debate(featuring leaders of all main parties)
20 April Deadline for voter registration
21 April Deadline for postal vote applications
30 April Sky/Channel 4 Leaders’ debate(David Cameron vs Ed Miliband)
7 May Polling day(booths open between 7am and 10pm GMT)
8 May Result announced