Night life in Sydney is often the only life after dark. People do not often associate late night binge eating to a city like Sydney. Many occasions, after a few drinks, our options run scarce. And sadly, we might end up grabbing a meat pie, a kebab or a Big Mac.

After some serious investigative work, The Typewriter is now proud to tell you that we have formed a late night binge eating trail all around Sydney. It is a diverse menu with a myriad of nice dining options include 1920’s french, Lobster & Bacon, Hong Kong style buns, Korean BBQ and even a late night salad. By partnering with Tripline, we’ve produced the following ‘quest map’ for all fellow foodies out there who would like to grab a bite (or many).

Enjoy Eating!

9:30pm – The Bambini Wine Room
St. James Trust Building, 185 Elizabeth Street

It is always a great idea to start a night of binge eating with a nice glass of wine. Personally, I recommend a half bottle of 2010 Domaine Faiveley Vosne-Romanee from Burgundy to share with you friends.
The Bambini Wine Room closes at 10pm

10:00pm – The Rook
56-58 York Street

The Rook is one of those hidden bars in Sydney, but it is not hidden down a laneway or buried in a Sydney basement. In fact, it’s hidden above the rabble on the roof of a CBD office building. They make fantastic gin drinks and their kitchen is kept opened until 11:30pm every night. Personal recommendation: Any of the Gin Cocktails plus a Lobster and Bacon Roll.

The Rook closes at midnight.

10:25pm – Felix Bistro and Bar
2 Ash St, Sydney

What you should be grabbing after some lobster is dessert. I have two recommendations and both of these places are great for a sweet treat. The first of them is Felix on Ash Street. 1920’s French Diner, slightly posh, but they do a heavenly passionfruit Souffle.

Felix’s kitchen closes at 11pm.

10:30pm – Ananas Bar & Brasserie
18 Argyle Street, The Rocks

Here is the second option if you don’t want to make it to Felix. Another 1920’s Parisian themed restaurant, this time it is in the Rocks. Visit Ananas before 10:30pm (kitchen closes around that time) and grab one of their signature desserts with their matching wines. I will never recommend going there on a weekend since it is next to the Argyle nightclub.

Ananas closes at midnight.

11:30pm – Frankie’s Pizza

What’s next after dessert? Pizza. Walk to this pub/night club/pizzeria. The great thing about Frankie’s, is that it is one of the very few pizza joints that are opened until 2am. Recommendation: Don’t go for a whole Pizza, just grab a slice and get out of there.

Frankie’s closes at 3am

12:15am – The Smoking Panda
5- 7 Park Street, Sydney

It’s midnight and perhaps after all that eating, you deserve a little bit of a walk. So trek down to Park street near town hall and go to the Smoking Panda. It’s a crossover between a Chinese Dim Sum joint and a cocktail bar. So what would I recommend ? Prawn Dumplings, San Choy Bow and an espresso martini to spice it all up.

The Smoking Panda closes at 2am

1:00am – Old Town Hong Kong Cuisine
10 Dixon Street, Sydney

Continuing with some more Chinese food, walk to Dixon street and grab yourself a Peking Duck Bun, Fake Shark Fin Soup, Chinese Fritters and a bowl of congee. These are the typical things you’ll enjoy during a night out in Hong Kong and I am glad that I can mimic that experience again in Sydney at night.

Old Town closes at 2am

2:00am – Abb Air Thai Cuisine
Shop 9.60, World Square Shopping Centre, 40 Goulburn Street

You might think, ‘hang on a minute, I just had a whole bowl of congee and some peking duck, and now you recommend another round of Thai Food?’ Then you’re wrong. Though Abb Air is a great place for Thai food, and by all means, pleas go there for a boat noodle soup during the day. But at 2am at night, there is only one item you should order: Fried Bread dessert with a coconut pandan dip. Trust me, it’s worth it.

Abb Air closes after 2am.

2:30am – Delafrance Boulangerie
609/607-609 George Street, Haymarket

There are only a handful of cafes in Sydney which are open 24/7. De La France is one of them Situated in one of the busiest junctions in the city, you can grab yourself a salad, a croissant, a sandwich and even a coffee at whenever you want. This is a great pit stop before the final restaurant of this binge eating session.

Delefrance simply does not close.

2:45am – Dae Jang Kum
35 Goulburn Street, Sydney

The finale of the night is of course a Bibimbap or even a full-on BBQ Menu dinner. You will have plenty of time to chill as Dae Jang Kum does not close until 4 in the morning, and even if you stick around till day break, the shop keepers are more than happy to keep you company for a bit longer. Recommendation: Anything with BBQ Beef. They also do free refills with all of their infinite number of side dishes.

Dae Jung Kum closes at 4am.

A few quick tips:

  1. I would not recommend anyone doing this binge eating run during the weekend. The city of Sydney is way too packed and some of these restaurants are also some of the most popular bars in town. As recommended, go for a Wednesday night run.
  2. Do not overstay. Places like Old Town, Abb Air and Frankie’s should not be the places to take a rest and enjoy yourself in the restaurant. Grab the food, get out of there and move on to the next stop, so that you can make time for everything.
  3. Don’t be complacent and stay at home instead. Parking in Sydney is actually free in most places after 10pm, so if you don’t live too far away (e.g. Maroubra, Coogee, Zetland, Alexandria), why not go out for a nice late night quest?
  4. Don’t get too drunk at some of these establishments. A fine eating out experience should not be a full-on intoxication binge session. Enjoy the food and grab a cocktail now and then, just do not overdo it.