goal digger

I don’t know about you, but I tend to look at successful men and women and say, “Boy, they really have it all.” He or she has it all. But what does “having it all” actually mean? Is it having the big house and the fast car? Is it having a family that consistently wins awards in academia and trophies in athletics? It’s easy to see successful people as being relatively perfect. We naturally want to get everything right all the time. We want to say the right thing or perform the correct action so as to avoid rocking the proverbial boat of our sea-in-a-storm lives, or to improve some aspect of our lives.

While it’s a good thing to strive to achieve all that we can, sometimes it’s just not possible. Now, I’m not saying that hard work won’t pay off. It absolutely will. What I mean is that if you try to give 150% in each area of your life, you’re going to burn out and fall short eventually. Maybe successful people are those who have a lot on their plate but don’t scarf it down all at once. I propose that someone who “has it all” is someone who has just as much going on as the rest of us, but prioritizes activities and sets goals for themselves regularly.

We could all use a refresher on the art of goal setting, and in the productivity vital to reaching those goals. Hitting the target is easier than you think, and reaching your goals will earn you a sense of accomplishment that just can’t be beat. Start by asking yourself, “What are my goals?” and then, “How do I reach them?”

It can be helpful to physically write out these questions, and leave room to jot down your answers. Start by writing down your goals. Once you’ve got those, look at each goal individually and ask, “How do I reach this goal?” If finding the method to reaching your goal is a problem, type “how to” in front of your goal in a search bar. The human experience guarantees that many of us have similar goals, so you’ll have tons of results to choose from.

If you need an example, a sample goal might be, “I want to get more restful sleep at night.” A way to reach that goal might be, “Turn in earlier. Read a book to fall asleep. Call the cops on obnoxious neighbors.” Just kidding about calling the cops – they’ve got better things to do. Also, don’t sweat it if your goals aren’t met in a week. Pace yourself and enjoy the journey!

Bonus, coming your way: If you want to strengthen your relationships, consider asking a loved one, “What are your goals, and how can I help you reach them?” Talk about Brownie points.