There is a lot to love about growing up in a southern American state. The scorching hot summers of my childhood in North Carolina included earning wrinkly fingertips from lingering in the pool too long, eating my weight in watermelon, and scaling the enormous mimosa tree in my grandmother’s backyard.

Many of us can spend full days in the sun as I once did without a problem. However, people with conditions like skin lupus or psoriasis run the risk of worsening their skin problems if they spend too much time in the sun. There are also tons of antibiotics that happen to be sun-sensitising drugs; that is, drugs which cause adverse reactions when the person taking them is exposed to the sun.

There are myriad reasons why a person may not be able to spend their summer days exactly like everybody else – but there is no reason why those days cannot be salvaged indoors. Here are my tips for a lovely summer day inside:

  1. Scoot up to the sunlight

    There is nothing more beautiful than natural light flooding a room. The rays coming in through a window can be a huge mood booster if you have to avoid direct sunlight. Grab a novel, a Sudoku booklet or some crafting supplies, and settle down in a spot near a stream of natural light. I firmly believe that a contact buzz from those rays has the power to give you a cheerful disposition.

  2. Bring summer inside

    Chances are, your local grocery store or supermarket has a section for flower bouquets. Provided you are not allergic, find a small bouquet that makes you happy. At home, arrange the flowers into a few small vases to spread around your home. Every time you pass by one of your mini-bouquets, you will remember that summer’s beauty really is everywhere.

  3. Summon the endorphins

    If you are like me, staying indoors for too long might make you feel depressed or unproductive. The best way to kick-start my productivity is to spend a good 25-30 minutes trying to keep up with an upbeat workout routine. Try a half-hour bodyweight routine to get your sweat on without any equipment. If that is too much, grab a set of hand weights and try a 10-minute floor workout

  4. Try cooking something new

    To the dismay of my roommate, I tend to get very excited about a new recipe whenever I have been stuck inside for too long (at least, before I burn it). Still, there are some great cold summer dishes that are almost foolproof. Pinterest is full of fantastic ideas for summer-inspired recipes, but I am partial to this super fresh watermelon mint salad. For those just wanting a drink, try a simple summer sangria (with or without alcohol) to brighten up your summer.