Blackboard Coffee – a place to hang out on a lake in the suburb of Varsity Lakes towards the southern end of the Gold Coast.

After living in Brisbane for a month, I headed back to the Gold Coast for brunch and a catch up with mum. I decided to take her to a local favourite on the Gold Coast, situated away from the busy tourist hubs of Surfers Paradise, Broadbeach and Coolangatta (even though they do have a sister establishment in “Cooly”, among others).

The place is Blackboard Coffee – on a lake in the suburb of Varsity Lakes towards the southern end of the Gold Coast. It’s a relatively wealthy area but menu prices for breakfast are reasonable, particularly in comparison to its competing neighbours. On first impressions, the layout is down to earth and minimalist with plenty of natural sunlight, creating a great atmosphere for Sunday brunch with a loved one.

Boasting an Instagram account of 21.3k followers, Blackboard posts some admittedly delicious looking treats including doughnuts, cronuts and the great Australian favourite, smashed avocado on toast with poached eggs. I’ve been to this place three times so far now; one time for a date, the next because I couldn’t be asked making breakfast myself and the third the most recent – to catch up with mum.

Hence, I’ve been able to try three menu items but be warned I most accurate;y recall my most recent experience. Don’t let this deter you from trying out the place yourself though.

First off, the doughnuts. They are freshly baked everyday and come with plastic syringes sticking out of them so you can inject as much or as little caramel or chocolate filling as you wish. The doughnuts themselves are how they should be although I do wish the injectable filling came warm. Logical thinking says that the earlier you go in the morning, the more likely you will be to snag a warm doughnut.

Next, smashed avocado and goats cheese on sourdough and two poached eggs. The goats cheese smashed with the avocado together with sea salt and lemon turned a cafe breakfast staple into something a tad more unique and flavoursome and lasted me until late afternoon. To my understanding, eggs can be cooked how you want them. A tick of approval from me.

Finally, some newer brunch items. Or at least, ones I didn’t pick up on the first two times. I went for the poached pear on a bed of chia gel with berry compote and granola. It was tasty and moreish but didn’t last me very long, maybe that had something to do with the drinking the night before though. Mum simply described her chocolate hazelnut french toast with berries and cinnamon ice cream as “beautiful” – she wasn’t wrong.

Now for the coffee which is quite important seeing as coffee is in their name, they roast their own beans and they are soon to be opening an “academy” for baristas. Long story short, the flat whites were good but the long blacks were a bit too sharp.

All in all, Blackboard is definitely something to try if you want a light atmosphere and aren’t to keen on the hustle and bustle of the main strip of the Gold Coast. If you have pets, they also have water bowls outside. Dine in or grab something from the takeaway stand to enjoy by the lake. The menu caters for the health conscious and those who want to indulge. I can confidently say that the food tastes as good as it looks but as for the coffee, it’s nothing to complain or rave about.