Hypothesis: we are undeniably, irrevocably, hypocritically, complex creatures.

We want that toned body; we eat a block of chocolate. Our 6-year-old self desires a reciprocal crush; we throw a rock at said specimen. We want to live life to its fullest potential, so we sit at home in day old clothes and fall into the endless vortex of our virtual realities. It only makes sense that while we crave exciting and daring adventures, we simultaneously wish to placate the king and queen of normality: Safety and Stability.

NB: I do not believe this topic concerns the issue of when to reject or answer the call of experience. Rather, it should spark the motivation to find your well-being balance: your individually tailored, normality-adventure equilibrium.

So my hopper, it is about time we understood the condition termed ‘normality’. It hides the extraordinary within a tightly woven gauze, as its seams are invisible to the untrained eye. In turn, life emits seconds of expectancy and change becomes a creature of the elusive. Thus, if reality is relied upon with too much vigour, we lose the ability to dream beyond our pillows; we forget to dream when the sun is shining.

As such, adventure provides the perfect opportunity to build upon your sense of self. The different ways in which you will respond to situations will challenge and progressively determine the nature of your reality; what it is, what you want it to be, and the actions you will take to achieve your desired outcome.

Said adventure may be a spontaneous all-nighter road trip, chasing the moon across the sky; or, it could be finally asking that person out, filling them in on the feelings that have been plaguing your blue veined, unfeeling, ice cold heart. No matter the outcome, you will automatically level up by at least 10 points.

If it seems the risk was worth taking, that things worked out, then congratulations! However, if the trajectory was somehow misplaced, your tolerance for uncertainty, combatting anxiety and shitty life outcomes will also level up considerably. By experiencing for yourself what happens when risks do not pan out, your confidence and strength as a walking, talking, breathing human being will grow, because you will notice that you are okay.

Life moves on and so will you.

However, while there is a certain type of growth that can only be gained from challenging oneself with the unusual, we need the security of normality to stabilise us. While there are no age limits on adventure, there are boundaries concerning possible dangers, risks and costs that are relevant to everyone. Bills need to be paid, vegetables keep us alive longer, sleep is crucial to maintaining our sanity. The mundane continues to keep us alive and safe on the most basic, primal level of existence.

We must remember not to lose our heads up in the clouds. Yes, that is where rain forms, that is where we live more freely, forging our adventures. Nonetheless, the rain will fall and hit the pavement below, with or without our consent. It will fall and soak into the bed of the earth, into each flower and ocean and forest. It will fall on and be soaked into the skin of our acquaintances, our enemies and our loved ones. Here on earth, this is where our physical needs are met; this is where our necessary experiences grow; this is where the rain will fall.

This is why I believe there is a balance between living in the comfortable moments, and living for the spontaneous ones. At certain times, you will hoist that umbrella amidst a rain attack; saving disappointment from spoiling your good work clothes, your time consuming hairdo and your ‘it’s a new day’-positive attitude.

Other times, you will forget your umbrella and feel as if the universe has some ill-begotten wish to drown you standing upright on a Tuesday afternoon. Ah, but here is the magic; you do not have to swim against the tide. Look up at the sky and watch as it alters itself before you. Beneath pregnant bellied clouds, breathe in and eat up every raindrop that comes your way, because like them, you are a gift to this Earth.

Discover the part of you that is desperately hungry to surpass and live within the limits of the mundane and the daring. Search for it, not because you should escape one or the other, but rather, because it will remind you of your precious position within one, as well as the other.