Upon my first visit into the famed Devon Café the experience is one that can simply be described as utterly brilliant. From floor to fork the overall feeling derived from this fine establishment left in a state of true admiration.

The sophisticated simplicity seamlessly tied to this café, in regards to both décor and food, is a key attribute to the Devon Café’s success.

The standout items on the menu designed by Zachary Tan included, but were not limited to, the “eggs blini” and the “golden state juice”. From a personal standpoint, the “eggs blini” stood out, as a personal favourite as all the elements within this harmonious dish display a true sense of the café’s desires, ambitions and character.

For an individual who tends to stray away from the often overpowering ingredient that is cured salmon, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the dish was not only edible, it was delectable. Tan’s dish manages to tame the overpowering salmon by combining with a perfectly prepared mikado sauce giving the dish a much-appreciated subtle sense of tang.

The buckwheat blini were seen as a crucial aspect within the dish as the simplicity within this element really tied the dish together quite well. The buckwheat blini within this dish are commended for it’s fluffy and light texture and delectable taste. The inclusion of the broccolini and the salmon truly served to be profound inclusions that the dish needed to provide the “eggs blini” with an air of sophistication.

The perfectly cooked poached egg within this dish serves as the undisputable champion of the plate with its perfect balance between oozing, flowing yolk and delicate, buoyant egg white.

When the brilliant taste of the “eggs blini” is coupled with the skilful precision depicted in the plating of the dish, it is clear to see that Devon café is sitting on a winner with this brilliant and sophisticated dish.

The Golden state juice served as the perfect accompaniment to the “eggs blini” as this fresh beverage’s flavours really complimented the dish quite well.

With dishes of this calibre emerging from this bustling café it is little wonder why they’ve been bestowed with the Sydney Morning Herald’s “Food Café of the Year” award in 2014. The Devon Café’s success however is not one, which can be solely placed on the brilliant cuisine.

The Devon Café’s widespread success is greatly attributed to the design of the establishment itself as well as the food offered. Between the calming interior of the front room, the rustic back area and the beautiful presentation of the food, this café serves as an Instagram user’s culinary dream.

After seeing the Devon Café for myself, I can fairly say that this café is one that is truly deserving of all the accolades and success that it has accumulated over time. The Devon Café is a more than worthy addition to anyone’s list of favourite cafés.