1050 Islamic clerics in India have issued the worlds largest collective fatwa against ISIS, declaring that the group undermine the basic religious principles of Islam.

A fatwa is the application of Islamic law by scholars to make authoritative rulings on modern day issues.

India Making history;

This is the first time that such a number of religious leaders or Imams have issued a joint fatwa against the Islamic State, also known as Daesh, who have unleashed a reign of terror within the Middle East that has garnered international attention and concern since 2014.

The edict issued by the religious leaders states that the Islam religion shuns violence, which ISIS perpetuates, therefore making the group “Un-Islamic”.

The fatwas were issued in 15 volumes, collected by Abdul Rehman Anjari, President of the Mumbai’s Islamic Defence Cyber Cell. They have been sent to UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and other world leaders.

More international action needed; India cannot be the only one

The Islamic Scholars expressed their disappointment towards inaction against the terror group ISIS. They urged the international community to take strict and immediate action against the inhumane terror campaign by ISIS in the Middle East which has displaced millions of civilians.

The fatwa was launched because the spread of ISIS is deemed to be alarming and many claimed that ISIS has begun to try and brainwash Indian youth into join in order to increase their influence in South Asia.

Anjari said muftis and imams of all sections and sects of Islam have condemned the activities of Daesh and acknowledged thatthe group have tarnished Islam’s image.