This is probably the most out of the ordinary question I’ve asked as the Inquirer.

Can you spot a married man?

Absolutely!….. maybe….. …. ok, I don’t know. It really depends on how each person views another person. The obvious answer is the ring. Personally, if I had to spot a married man, I would start at his appearance. Look at the clothes, hair, shoes and the way he moves, perhaps talking on the phone and calling sweet, cliché names to his supposedly significant other or holding hands in the street looking sickly in love or finally, introductions to another couple or person saying, “X or Y is my wife” or alternatively, “X or Y is my husband”.

These are just the little things one may notice. I’m definitely no Sherlock Holmes but I plucked up the courage and dared to ask these Sydneysiders of spotting a married man.

“If he’s over 28 he’s either married or engaged, or maybe he simply has relationship problems. But to spot a married man, I guess its as easy as seeing if he has a ring on his marriage finger! Although you can never really know, because he may have taken the marriage ring off, so I suppose the easiest way to spot a married man is to simple ask them the question, “Are you married?””

Mary Manpalaz

“There’s no way I could spot a married man since every individual is different and pointing out that there’s a physical appearance between a married and not married male.”

Peter Bui

“Yes, seeing a married man can be recognised with a ring. But people like my dad, he doesn’t wear a ring…So how can you then recognise a married man? Consider the family, maturity and the attitudes.”

 Leon Hsu

“You can spot a married man from a mile out. He’ll be sporting a 30 day beard, his walk seem laborious as he stays in sync with his partner. He may also be spotted with one of the following items: cargo pants, ill-fitting leather or a few spots of gel.”Keith Parker