Mejico is one of the most interesting restaurant I’ve been to and it definitely left mixed but mostly positive impressions. Mejico can be best described as a truly Mexican restaurant in Sydney with a very chilled environment.Firstly, it is pretty easy to find the restaurant thanks to the overly emphasized street number 105. At the front end of the restaurant, first thing you will see is the bar and a dedicated area with small tables to enjoy your drink. Though the decoration and the environment is what I think makes this restaurant interesting. Basically, you walk on the streets and suddenly you see a large patch of shocking-pink and black stripes, you’re at Mejico.

The bar area is mostly aged wood work which is aimed at giving a vintage feel to the place. But on the other hand the ceiling and the walls are decorated with modern art (though I do think huge candles at a small table seem unnecessary). The dining section of the restaurant has weirdly old looking pink chairs with a kitchen view. Which is not a terrible thing but the decorations does seem to contradict each other. Simply put, it’s trying to be modern, vintage, casual and classy at the same time.

Kind of “hipsterish”.

The music is quite interesting as well. At a vintage feel, modern style restaurant you will mostly listen to 80`s and 90`s rap and rock music. At one point Linkin Park was even played – Not complaining, I love Linking Park  —

Lets come to the most important part, food and drinks. Which is something that this restaurant does perfectly. This place is a tequila heaven, I have never seen so many varieties of tequila and it’s damn good.

I tried the Espadin Espresso which is basically an Espresso Martini with fine quality tequila. That was one of the most interesting and delicious drinks I have had. I also suggest Salmon or Tuna Ceviche with it. The restaurant also has your classic main dishes such as chargrilled steak or ribs as well. Food is fresh and right on point.

Overall, Mejico is a restaurant with an interesting style with good food and lots of tequila verities. The food and drinks are fairly priced compared to a restaurant in Darling Harbour. It is an ideal place for a birthday celebration or having a nice dinner with friends.