There is something about hearty food that relieves some of the worst feelings of a hang over. The craving for something warm, something close to home made – it just softens the blow of a big night out. Amongst the streets of Surry Hills is a small cafe where postcards line the walls and comfy booths. Here they do amazing things with the humble potato and make some pretty damn good meals out of it.

Mad Spuds located on Crown St in Surry Hills specialises in one thing – the perfect use of potatoes in a dish. The cafe originally founded five years ago by an Irish chef, giving both the atmosphere and decor of the cafe, as well as the dishes a distinctly Irish flavour.The potatoes are cooked to perfection in a classic Kingward oven, giving a sense of old world charm to the cafe as well as ensuring that they get the best out of their potatoes.You’re probably sick and tired of me rambling on about the aesthetics, it’s time we got onto the food! Resident Typewriter foodie-ologists highly recommend these two dishes as your sure fire bet for a delicious experience at Mad Spuds.

Dish No. 1: The Stack!

By far one of the most popular dishes on the menu – the stack combines all the best parts of a potato and presents it neatly rising from a spread of mint yoghurt.

The sweetness of the sweet potato combined with the taste of grilled haloumi, as well as the textures of the soft potato cake and crispy skins – all add up to a big yes please from many in the Typewriter team, as well as a call for second helpings.

Dish No. 2: Taco Potato Skins

Tacos? Potato skins? As they say: “Por que no los dos?” The taco potato skins at mad spuds is a trio of potato skins each filled to the brim with smokey and spicy beans before being sprinkled with a liberal helping of cheese.The mix of smokey and peppery Mexican flavours with the crisp skins is definitely a nod to the Tex-Mex flavours of the US South. Nevertheless after a long Saturday night, a long Sunday dine with a nice coffee and this dish will get you right back on track for a week ahead.This quaint little Surry Hills Cafe may have a small window of opportunity for you to eat but it isn’t atypical of cafes in Sydney with its early closing hours. The cafe provides the perfect spot to sit, enjoy the quiet streets of Surry move by and enjoy some hearty, home-style cooking that turns the humble spud into the hero everyone needs after a long night out, or for a lazy Sunday brunch.