Here is a story about another former Iranian colonel. Unlike other men of war, he loves to play the tar (an Iranian instrument which was used in Persian royal celebrations and weddings before the Islamic revolution). However, after the Islamic revolution, the colonel was removed from duty and he could not even play the tar or give lessons because it was prohibited under the Islamic rules after the revolution. Being out of the military and without a stable income, his wife divorced her and he ended up depressed. As he was seen as a public figure in the streets of Tehran before the revolution, he had to put on a full beard so we can work in a restaurant without being recognised. Just to make ends meet.

Later on, things have changed and he was allowed to play again. He opened this little music shop in an old street corner, gave music lessons and repaired instruments. Sadly, he turned ill and without proper medical insurance when he was taken to the hospital, this former Iranian colonel passed away at the age of 68.