1. Have a conversation with the tree over there alright?

Bob Katter of Katter’s Australian Party was infuriated when a reporter asked him questions regarding his party members’ remarks about homosexuality. So Katter told the reporter to talk to a tree.

2. Clive Palmer Twerking

Cliver Palmer of the Palmer United Party was trying to win over the love of radio talkshow hosts by twerking in front of a camera. Nicely done.

3. Suppository of all wisdom

Opposition leader Tony Abbott slipped and said suppository instead of depository.

4. I do not oppose Islam as a country

Coined by Comedy Central’s The Daily Show as ‘The Sarah Palin of Australia’

5. Use of notes during debate dominates post-debate news coverage

After the first round of Prime Minister debates between Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott, the news media decided to cover extensively on whether or not the Prime Minister cheated by using notes on stage. In fact he did break the election debate rules and that is all anyone can remember from the debate.

 6. Make-up artist dominates post-debate news coverage

After the second round of Prime Minister debates, news channels decided to cover what the make-up artists had to say about the candidates instead of the content of the debate. This went on for a whole day.

7. Sex appeal comments dominate news election coverage for a whole day

Opposition leader made comments about another liberal party candidate’s sex appeal. The news decided to run with this story for two days, asking every politician for the views on this sex appeal comment.

8. I didn’t do my homework

A Liberal candidate being unable to answer some questions on some key liberal party policy. Embarrassing is an understatement.

9. ABC’s Australian Election in 90 seconds

With the public’s attention span shrinking over the years, when people cannot read anything over 140 characters, the Australian Broadcasting Network decided to provide an overview of the upcoming election within 90 seconds.

10. Julian Assange being himself

You know what. With all the ridiculousness that has been going on since the election campaigns started two weeks ago, a video of the Wikileaks founder singing ‘You’re the Voice’ with a mullet is no longer surprising.