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Hong Kong: Will this be another year of protests?

Political analysis: A look into Hong Kong’s 2015 Policy Address by Leung Chun-ying in light of recent pro-democracy and anti-government protests.

What does democracy for Hong Kong actually achieve? A look into the recent pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong in the bigger Chinese picture.

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Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement in Photos – The Typewriter

Since late September, a protest movement has slowly gathered momentum across parts of Hong Kong. It has gained considerable media coverage – much to the chagrin of its administration and the Chinese Government – and has variously been labelled ‘Occupy Central’, the ‘Umbrella Revolution’ and the ‘Umbrella Movement’. Here is The Typewriter’s guide to the pro-democracy protests:…

Following several days of pro-democracy protests and students strikes, the Occupy Central movement has officially began in Hong Kong.