Before The Typewriter project, Benjamin worked as a speechwriter for a British politician, an editor for the UN Refugee Agency, a Staffer at the Embassy of Afghanistan to Australia and a political commentator for a local newspaper in the UK. Recently, he bought a new espresso maker. Currently, he is trying to finish his combined degree in Law (focusing on international law and human rights) and International studies (specialising in international business) in Sydney, Australia.

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The billionaires of Hong Kong currently own 76.4% of the city’s total assets, compared to 4.2% in China, 20% in Russia and 13.9% in the United States.

For over a decade since the 9/11 terrorist attack in the United States, Australia has been heavily involved in the military efforts against insurgents in Afghanistan.

Dialogue is not just the amplification of sounds, it is the channel in which thoughts are exchanged and minds are connected, and the liberty of thought and the freedom to be a bigot have a very fine line of common sense in between.

On Tuesday, the religious world was left in shock and awe when Pope Francis gave a statement which does not criticise the Big Bang Theory or Evolution, but in fact acknowledges it.

A garden setting which provides classic dishes with a fresh twist, Orto Trading is surely a place one must visit for food, esp. vegetarians.

It is time to know the names of the Australian politicians who oppose any changes to the definition of marriage in the country.

Our Editor in Chief speaks out against Singapore after Amos Yee, the 16 year old blogger is found guilty, sentenced and put behind bars.

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