Would you like to join The Typewriter? We would love you to!

Especially wanted right now

  • Writers from Africa, Asia and South America
  • Writers for Art & Culture, Entertainment & Sport , Environment & Science and Travel
  • Editors who natively speak English who live outside of Europe
What we can offer you as a writer:

  • A position in an esteemed publication
  • A large global readership, reading your articles
  • A platform to voice your (educated) opinion
What we can offer you as an editor:

  • Management experience
  • Working with a team of experienced professionals
  • Learning to meet  deadlines
  • Interesting articles to work with
What we can offer you as a photo editor:

  • Freedom of art choice
  • Learn to work with website/mobile/print publications
What we can offer you as a PR/marketer:

  • Opportunity to explore and target the landscape
  • Experience different platforms such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads and the various social medias
What we can offer you as a artist:

  • Show your designs and/or cartoons to the world
  • Experiment and find what ‘sells’
  • The joy of your designs/cartoons in print
Is there a role we haven’t listed that you feel could add to the publication?Apply and let us know!
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