November skies fold over the world
A riot of blue, like a flag unfurled
The dome was many a time, before, here
Unfailingly, year on year.
Thoughts like candy, sugary but morbid
Emotions like ice, a mind so turbid.
The past may, as often, go for a toss,
But never forgotten is the pain of loss.

Memory stands behind the shoulder,
Sometimes faded, sometimes bolder.
Wistful moments of times that passed,
Of answers untold, Questions unasked.
Of Tears unwept, Promises unkept,
Of Smiles unsmiled, memories all piled,
Of Words unspoken, hopes unbroken,
Of Dreams shattered, nothing that mattered.

Tomorrow becomes today,
Today become yesterday.
Keep moving, keep living;
Keep hoping, keep giving.
Until the final resting hour
Dawns on you with all its power.