Tel Aviv, Israel! Our writer says the youth and energy of the Tel Aviv business and tech scene make the city glimmer.

Vast numbers of Afghan women have been beaten, tortured, burned alive, had acid thrown at them, hung, raped, forced to marry at extremely young ages, sold and forced into prostitution, trafficked, forced into slavery, all in the name of ‘namus’, an Afghan concept of a man’s honour.

From unrest in Gaza, Syria and Iraq, to Malala winning the Nobel Peace Prize, Editor Samer Haque reviews top ten news events in the Middle East in 2014

The Typewriter can reveal the UN’s draft resolution on Palestine statehood. The leaked document follows a closed-door meeting of Arab ambassadors today.

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Retribution is an ambiguous notion that refers to an moral requirement to punishment. And is this applicable to the case of Oscar Pistorius?