2014 has been a year of many scientific and technological breakthroughs. First and foremost, there are more electric and hybrid cars on the streets. There is also the proliferation of the 3D printer. So now, let us all review the top ten technological developments of this year.

10. Nuclear-based battery

Researching the best combination of chemicals to create the longest battery life has long been on the agenda for scientists, nuclear based batteries might be the break through everyone has been waiting for. These batteries have are long lasting, could be used at very low temperatures and a more reliable energy source allowing it to be used in important applications such as car batteries or even spacecraft. Nuclear based battery utilities a radioisotope called strontium-90 which increases electrochemical energy in a water-based solution. Like any other battery, the platinum coated electrode, made of titanium dioxide, collects and converts energy into electrons.

9. Wearable Technology

2014 was a exciting year for wearable technology.  Many companies introduced their first smart watches such as Moto360, Samsung Gear and Apple Watch ( not iWatch). Although this market is its initial stages, it looks promising. Other advancements were in Google Glass and Oculus Rift.  The new developer version of Google Glass was released and consumer version is expected next year. Also Oculus rift started gaining momentum with its 2014 series. Well it was expected after the 2 billion dollar acquisition of Facebook.

8. Augmented Reality

Augmented reality has became popular after google introduced google glass in 2012, but it exploded in 2014. Jaguar Land Rover implemented augmented reality to their windshield that provides navigation and information about pedestrians or other cars. Also Retail stores are adopting it to try on clothes virtually. We can expect to see this technology in many more areas in the future

7. Small Fusion Reactor

The energy of the future had a huge technological breakthrough this year. American company Lockheed Martin announced that the new type of reactors are small enough to fit on the back of a truck could be ready to use within a decade.

6. Acoustic Device separating tumor cancer cells

A new acoustic device sorts tumor cells from blood cells enabling doctors to predict whether tumors are going to spread through the body or not. This tagging technology is non-invasive, gentler, and superior to current technologies which require tagging them with chemicals, or employing strong mechanical forces to separate cells.

5. Wireless electricity

Probably one of the coolest inventions of 2014. This system relies on a plug-in coil that creates a magnetic field, which in turn creates an electric field. This can  powers objects which are located more than 2 m away from the source. These charging pads, the origin of electricity in room will revolutionize how we use technology in our everyday lives, making it more compatible and easier to use.

4. Brain-Computer Interfaces

The ability to control a computer using the power of the mind is closer we might think.  This year, where computers can read and interpret signals directly from the brain have reached success. Last year at Duke University researches connected the brains of two mice over the internet, where mice in different countries cooperated to perfom tasks. This technology will greatly benefit people

3. Cloaking

The cape from Harry Potter that once seemed fiction could now be closer to reality than expected. Researchers at University of Rochester combined four optical lenses to bend light and send it through the center, hence hiding the objects in the visible spectrum of light.

2. 3D Printing

Think it, Print it, Hold it. 3D printing has given us the ability to transform digital blueprints into reality within minutes. 3D printers use viscous plastic as their ink and it prints one layer at a time, as the ink dries the object solidifies. 3D printers have been activity utilized in many aspects from printing lego blocks for children, to making stock cars, contact lenses, electronics, human tissues, prosthetic devices, garments and even drones. Recently, a microgravity 3D printer was delivered to the International Space Station.

1. Tesla Model S

Although electric cars are not hugely adopted yet, the car industry is definitely moving towards that direction. Tesla Model S is the 2014 model most advanced electric car to date. First of all it has the lowest drag coefficient due to its design, meaning it will cut through the air with lowest air friction. It can also go 426km with a full battery. Also the inside of the car is designed beautifully with touch screens.