This past June reporters and protesters alike flocked to Teffs-Buchen, Austria in hopes of impregnating the rampart of secrecy surrounding the 63rd Bilderberg Conference.

This is a conference that was founded in 1954 and is attended by the most prominent names in politics , finance, industry, and academia. According to the groups official website, the purpose of the group is to promote dialogue between North America and Europe.

That seems to be the only thing that they will reveal about there agenda. The group takes no votes, offers no resolutions, and has no policy statement. As I mentioned above there are plenty curious people who want to know just what is going on inside that star-studded room. There are reporters that are allowed to attend the meeting, as leaders in media are not exempt from the dialogue, but alas, they are also bound by secrecy.

I guess my question is why?

Why is there such a determined lack of transparency not only with the group, but with the mainstream media who seem perfectly willing sigh at the grandiose wedding of William and Kate, gasp at the size of Kim Kardashian’s naked rear,  and shake their heads at NBC’s Brian William’s apparent falsehood-I’m sorry, ”recantation.”

I’ll keep this article as brief as the information on their website. I am tired of watching known attendants of Bilderberg sweat and flee from journalists that ask them simple questions about the conference.

These are the leaders of our current world system. I am sure that the elite have not forgotten the laymen make up the majority of it. We have a right to know what their plans are- you know, before they  are fully realized and it is too late for our opinions to hold any weight. This is especially imperative for the politicians who regularly attend this meeting.

Am I curious? Unequivocally.

Am I suspicious? Well, let me ask you this. Has any politician ever given us reason to be suspicious?

This graph shows the group’s connections to a ton of corporations, charities, policy groups and media. Click to enlarge.