I don’t normally like to write on controversial topics because, frankly, I would like to go to the supermarket or out to coffee with a friend without worrying about an ominous red dot on my favourite black blouse, but after much internal debate I decided to go ahead with this particular piece – one where I will be discussing the topic of homosexuality in the context of the Bible.

Jesus Christ actually spoke of porneia. Porniea is in short a wide range of sexual immorality particularly the ones mentioned in the law of Leviticus. One must also take into account when Jesus is asked by the Pharisees about the nature of marriage and of divorce his reply was to affirm what was written in Genesis concerning that a man leaving his parents to cling to his wife.

There is also the nature of Christ himself. According to Biblical theology, Jesus Christ is a member of the Trinity. He isn’t someone who just popped up in the New Testament to apologize for the God in the Old Testament. He is that God. The Trinity is one of those mysteries in Christian theology where the Godhead is three persons in one. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The point that I’m trying to make here is that these three people share the same will, thoughts, and emotions which means that when the laws of Leviticus were dictated to Moses. He was there in perfect agreement.

Now concerning the laws of Leviticus, there have been some questions as to why they have not been followed to their full extent by Christians who point out the clear condemnation of homosexuality along with other forbidden sexual behaviors.

How can we Christians disagree with homosexuality and eat crab cakes and pork chops all while wearing cotton and leather at the same time?

Well, one of the major theological concepts of Biblical Christianity is the covenant the God made with Israel and the nation’s spiritual posterity. Accompanying the covenant of the Old Testament was a series of laws. These laws were split into three categories: Civil, Ceremonial, and Moral. The laws concerning dress, food, and various offerings were apart of the ceremonial law, which eventually gave way to the new covenant.

This New Covenant was set in place when Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins and was raised, so that whoever believed in him would be saved from eternal judgement or hell, if you will. The Civil and Ceremonial laws, given in preparation for the incarnation of the Lord Jesus Christ, were  longer needed because He had fulfilled them in His life, death, and resurrection.

What remained was the moral law which transcended the covenants, as it was the law that was written on the very hearts of mankind.  This the Decalogue or Ten commandments is that which forbids all sexual activity outside of marriage.

Now as you might have already guessed, I am a professing Christian, and I believe that homosexuality is a sin because of what the Bible says on the matter.

However, contrary to what many might think, I do not condone brutal mistreatment of homosexuals under any circumstance. I believe that human beings should be treated as just that-human beings, and I believe what human beings regardless of their backgrounds need most is the Gospel of salvation and love.