Celebrity Endorsement is seen everywhere as a use of persuasiveness. It can be used as persuasive communication in three ways. One, companies seek celebrities as a way to endorse their company’s services and/or products to persuade customers to seek the company instead of elsewhere.  Two, charities also seek celebrities to endorse their specific causes. Three, different places such as hotels use celebrities to boost people into coming to stay at their hotels versus others. According to Fortune.com, celebrity endorsements are not always pleasing to the public. Fortune.com mentions several different kinds of celebrity endorsements that were not used well as persuasive communication to the public.

One such example of celebrity endorsement that didn’t end well as persuasive communication was one who was acting in his usual way, self-portraying the company he was endorsing, while having an uglier version of himself portraying the opposing company. The opposing company did not find the portrayal to be funny.

Another example of persuasive communication in the form of celebrity endorsement gone wrong is when an Oscar winning actress did a commercial that was critiqued as a negative outlook on the labor of women employees for an airline, and was even considered to be abusive.

Next, a prime example of celebrity endorsement that wasn’t used well as persuasive communication was when an actress portrayed in a carbonation commercial for a company of another nation. The place where she was an Ambassador of was enraged by her having any connections with the other nation. Instead of stepping away from the company she endorsed, she turned down her position as Ambassador.  Next, we will look at how celebrity endorsements can be used as positive persuasive communication.

Celebrity endorsements can be used in a positive way for persuasive communication such as companies using celeb to endorse their products and or services. One such company used Michael Jordan as their celeb to persuasively communicate with customers that their company was the best one to go with. Hanes is one of the major leading companies in clothes for both men and woman of all ages. By using Michael Jordan, a famous basketball star, as their celeb, they were able to increase their sales of their products. This happens because people will want the same things that the celebrities have, in order to be cool.

A second way that is positive for celebrity endorsement used as persuasive communication is using a celeb like Michael Jordan to advertise in commercials and on posters. On such posters Michael Jordan is seen drinking milk and wearing a milk mustache. The milk companies use Michael Jordan to portray the fact that if you drink milk it will make you strong and healthy just like the famous sports star and all star athlete. Children can also be targeted with this kind of endorsements to drink more milk to be just like the famous basketball player. This also allows positive reaction from the parents of the children as well, because it is educational, as well as a profit for both the celeb and the milk companies.

A third example of celeb endorsement used as persuasive communication is the use of celebrities to help charities out. Stars such as Ashley Tisdale advertise for St. Jude’s Hospital to raise money for the children who are suffering from illnesses such as cancer. This is also a form of positive persuasive communication for the hospital, not only to raise funds for its charities, but also to advertise what kind of place it is and what they do to help families with children who need medical support, and don’t have the necessary funds to pay.

Ashlee Tisdale is a famous Disney celeb that children, teens and adults know. She has portrayed a good character in films such as High school musical. Ashley Tisdale can easily persuade many to donate to St. Jude’s Hospital to help families in need. This is seen as positive persuasive communication to the general public that no one can argue against. This benefits the hospital, the children and their families. It also gains wide community involvement to participate in helping to provide the sufficient funds needed to continue to cure numerous children of families who cannot otherwise afford it themselves.

Overall, celeb endorsements can is used worldwide as persuasive communication. Several ways to use celebrity endorsements as persuasive communication is to raise money for charities, to endorse a company’s products and or services, and to influence people to go to certain places like St. Jude’s Hospital for Children. As we have explored, celeb endorsement can be used in a positive and negative way as persuasive communication.

Some celebrity endorsement can be used as bad or good persuasive communication to influence the general population. There is always a benefit of every celebrity endorsement that is used as persuasive communication as we have clearly seen and explored.