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The Typewriter News Site Review: The Republican Governor of Florida, Rick Scott, has prevailed on Sunday against Democrat Bill Nelson during a particularly contested Senatorial election.

End of suspense in Florida, twelve days after the midterm elections. At the end of a recount automatic then Manual of the ballots, the incumbent Democratic Senator, Bill Nelson, elected to the post since 2001, conceded his defeat Sunday afternoon. The current Governor of Florida, Republican Rick Scott, won this Senate seat with a short lead of 10 033 votes, over 8.1 million voters (50,05% of the vote).

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If the Republicans were already guaranteed to retain control of the upper House of the Congress, the victory in the great state of South offers a more comfortable majority. The new Senate, which will sit on 3 January, has now 52 Republicans against 47 Democrats. After the victory of the Democrat Kyrsten Sinema, elected Senator of Arizona, remains one last seat of the Upper Chamber of Congress to assign: that of the Mississippi, at the end of a second round held on November 27, the Democrat Mike Espy is trying to delight at the outgoing Republican, Cindy Hyde-Smith.

“Since the first day, Rick Scott remained steadfast, immediately tweeted US president Donald Trump, who had actively campaigned in Florida, a State he won in the presidential election of 2016.” ” Congratulations to Rick for a brave and successful campaign!”


Saturday is the Democratic candidate for the post of Governor of Florida, the Mayor of Tallahassee, Andrew Gillum, who acknowledged his defeat against the Republican Ron DeSantis. This election did not need manual counting, the gap via the automatic recount (34 000 voices) is sufficient to determine the winner.

Like the 2000 presidential election, where Florida had put five weeks to decide his decisive vote for George W. Bush’s victory by 537 votes, these long perusals have exposed a series of malfunctions in the electoral system of the State. And as in 2000, attention has especially focused on the South Florida counties. Since November 6, the day of the midterm elections, disputes focused on the competence of those responsible for the elections in some counties, on deadline for the recount, which was deemed too short, or the capacity of the machines used in Florida recount several elections simultaneously.

Palm Beach County, for example, officially ended the manual counting of ballots for the Senate one second before the deadline Sunday noon. The results were sent to the authorities of the State to ‘ 11:59:59 ‘, said Susan Bucher, responsible for the elections in this county.


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The victory of Rick Scott, after two tumultuous weeks, probably puts an end to the career of Bill Nelson, 76. First elected as Deputy in the Congress 40 years ago, this Florida native had survived the Republican wave of the 1990s in this State, swing state by excellence, and is represented in the Senate for a fourth term.

The candidacy of Rick Scott, a multimillionaire businessman, entered politics eight years ago, was strongly encouraged by Donald Trump. Scott ran an aggressive campaign against Nelson and has several times accused of electoral fraud the recount process. “Campaign is now behind us, and this is where we let her, said shortly after the official announcement of the results, Sunday.” ” We have to do what Americans have always done: come together for the good of the State and the country.”

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